Episode 5 - Amgen v Sanofi patent case and injunction and Obamacare repeal

January 9, 2017

In this very long 30+min episode, I discuss the race between Amgen and Sanofi to launch the first PCSK9 drug into the market space.  Try to keep up with who files first, who is approved first, and then who sues first.  Case on-going and results pending due to an appeal that has already been scheduled.  Permanent injunction granted this week against Sanofi/Regeneron.  Looks like they should have reserved money for the courts as well as for buying their voucher.  After that, I look into the attempts by the Republican party to repeal Obamacare and looking at the health insurance market to address its innate issues, flaws in the system, as well as challenges congress may run into as they try to put a better working system in place.


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