Episode 4 - Trends in 2017: Power to Patients, Payers, Changes in Regulation and Lower R&D Productivity

January 4, 2017

In this episode, I take a look at the Magic 8 Ball to determine the trends to watch out for in Pharma for 2017.  Patient consumerism continues to increase while payers grow influence over which drugs to reimburse & how.  Changes in regulations are expected across the board to allow novel therapies where the unspoken race to become the powerhouse for gene and cell therapy center continues around the globe.  New insights are provided to whether current level of technology is viable in the area of gene and cell therapy as well as impact of biosimilars in the market.  Last but not least, R&D productivity continues to wither as newer incremental jumps are not incorporated to make R&D in pharma more productive - regulation changes may help resolve some of these challenges.


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